Interview with Gregory Craig (Part 3)

Moisés Naím speak to former White House Counsel Gregory Craig about his involvement in the custody case over Elián Gonzalez and his participation in President Obama’s 2008 campaign. Watch part four of the interview here. Leer más

Interview with Gregory Craig (Part 4)

29 marzo, 2013 • English • Views: 2141

Moisés Naím speak to former White House Counsel Gregory Craig about his time with Obama administration dealing with issues including Guantanamo Bay and the selection of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor

Michael Elliott – «We’re not interested in your money, we’re interested in your voice»

9 marzo, 2013 • English • Views: 2305

Moisés talks to Michael Elliott, Executive Director of ONE – the anti-poverty advocacy group founded by Bono – about his organization’s surprising take on grassroots organizing and the amazing progress that is being made in fighting global poverty.

Matthew Burrows on the world in 2030 (part one)

10 febrero, 2013 • English • Views: 2189

Moisés talks to Matthew Burrows, counselor at the National Intelligence Council and co-author of «Global Trends 2030» about how intelligence agencies predict future trends and what forces will shape the world in the coming decades. Watch part two of the interview here

Matthew Burrows on the trends and threats that will shape the world (part 2)

9 febrero, 2013 • English • Views: 2038

Moisés continues his conversation with Matthew Burrows, Counselor at the National Intelligence Council and co-author of the report «Global Trends 2030,» looking at the most influential trends in the coming decades, from resource shortages to nationalism to cyber-terrorism. Watch part one here

Carl Gershman: «I find hope for democracy in the most unlikely places»

2 febrero, 2013 • English • Views: 1956

Moisés talks to Carl Gershman, President of the National Endowment for Democracy, about his experiences in over 20 years of advocating for democracy around the world.

Philip Crowley: «Julian Assange is an activist, not a journalist»

25 enero, 2013 • English • Views: 1968

Moisés talks to Philip J. Crowley, former State Department spokesperson, about Wikileaks, the Arab Spring, and other topics.

Philip J. Crowley: «Julian Assange es una activista, no un periodista»

21 enero, 2013 • English • Views: 12048

No se pierda la entrevista de Moisés Naím con Philip J. Crowley, ex portavoz del Departamento de estado de Estados Unidos, en la que abordan, entre otros temas, Wikileaks y la Primavera Árabe.

Thomas Lovejoy: «The world could be two degrees warmer by 2040»

17 diciembre, 2012 • English • Views: 1740

Moisés Naím interviews Thomas Lovejoy, one of the most important experts on the subject of biodiversity.

Have you heard of Malala and Savita?

3 diciembre, 2012 • English • Views: 2942

  This is not a tongue-twister. These are the names of two people who could not be more different. But both of them share tragedies that dramatically illustrate how obscurantism is alive and well at the dawn of the 21st century. Malala Yousafzai, Pakistani, is 14. A month ago, as she was returning home in …